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CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Decaf Animated Short Film by The Animation School - Saeed Adams, Thaband Chuene, Carike Cronje, Alexander Dewar, Mahendrie Govender, Christopher Masuabi, Stefan van der Sandt.

An energetic puppy name Noodle would like to play with his lazy kitten friend, MoeMoe, so he goes to make her some coffee. The caffeine kicks in and they both begin to play, however as the days go on MoeMoe begins to act weird. After each cup she becomes more aggressive, fidgety and her eyes widen. Noodle is terrified of what his friend is becoming and decides to no longer make coffee for his friend. MoeMoe will not have this and threatens Noodle into giving her more , but there is no more coffee left. Noodle wants to save his friend. He trades his collar for some calming leaves he gets from koala. MoeMoe drinks then coffee with the leaves making her calm and chilled.

Decaf was produced by students in their final year of study at The Animation School.

Saeed Adams - Technical Director, Storyboard Artist

Thaband Chuene - Lead Animator, Enviroment Modelling, Character Modelling

Carike Cronje - Storyboard Artist, 2D Animatic Artist, Modelling, Animation, Cinematography Alexander Dewar - Production Manager, Compositor, Assisting Technical Director, Layout Artist, Modeling, Shadding Artist,

Mahendrie Govender - Assistant Lead Animator, Modelling, Matte Painter, Layout Artist, Co-Producer,

Christopher Masuabi - Art Director, Lead Concept Artist, Assisstant Technical Director, Lead Character Modeller, Lead Texturer, Assistant Lighting Artist,

Stefan van der Sandt - Look and Feel Developer, Fur Artist, Visual Effects Artist, Sculpting Artist, Texturing Artist, , Editor,

Sound & Music: Original soundtrack by Arthur Feder

Music Producer: Antoni Schonken

Music Mix: Antoni Schonken

Sound Design by Carla Van der Westhuizen

Mixing engineer by Carla Van der Westhuizen


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