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Most Talented Cat in the World

Best Of Didga [Did-ja] the CAT - I've been filming Didga doing all sorts of amazing things for the last 7 years, all that footage was spread out between my social accounts, I've compiled all the best clips into this one video. Didga has a very high food drive, and I'm a professional animal trainer (purrfect combo) she is helping me spread the word about being a responsible cat parent. She's from the shelter y'all ADOPT DON'T SHOP!





Most of the video was shot with GoPro

Thanks, Alan Daxon for providing some footage

MERCH - Learn more about my cats, training, how it all started, and more...I answer FAQ's on my website Thanks for all the support Robert, Didga, Boomer, Bindi, and Jeb


Inspired Paws Network

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