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Most Tricks by a Cat in One Minute

Didga the Australian skateboarding cat and her owner Robert performed a total of 20 tricks in one minute to earn themselves a place in the Guinness World Records 2017 book.

Didga, who was adopted from a cat shelter, can even take on the challenge of a real skateboarding park.

The tricks include:

1. Sit

2. Give left paw

3. High-five

4. Give right paw

5. Wave

6. Sit-up

7. Lay down

8. Go onto one-side

9. Roll-over

10. Back to sit

11. Stand

12. Shuffle right

13. Shuffle left

14. Spin 360

15. Come (walk to me)

16. Stop

17. Step on the coin

18. Jump into hands

19. Go from hand, down to knee, then onto the skateboard

20. While the board is moving, jump over the bar and land back onto the board, a.k.a. "hippy-jump"


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